Special Resources
              Participants in H.M.S. Richards Lectureship
                                      October 2011


Music Compositions and Arrangements by Wayne Hooper   click here
         (quartet, children's memory verses, solos, choral, instrumental)
"Discover Your Bible in 2012"   click here
         (one year of Weekend Broadcasts from Genesis to Revelation)
"Reach Alaska" Project   click here
         (inviting every Alaskan to study a Bible course, now through June 2012)
Classic Sermons and Broadcasts   click here 
         (HMSR, HMSR Jr, plus music by King's Heralds and Del Delker)
Current and Recent Radio Broadcasts   click here 
         (audio from 2000 to present; also scripts for hundreds of programs)
"Have Faith in God"   click here
         (nearly 1,500 broadcast-ending verses by H.M.S. Richards)
Discover Bible Study Videos   click here
         (26 presentations by Lonnie Melashenko, corresponding to 26 Discover Guides)
"Exploring the Word"   click here
         (52 telecasts by Lonnie Melashenko - video, plus scripts for most)
"Prophecy Speaks"   click here
         (complete evangelistic series by Lonnie Melashenko - audio, video, scripts; with links to related materials)
H.M.S. Richards Remembers
         (five hours of interviews with J.R. Spangler, former editor of Ministry)
         CD 1       CD 2       CD 3       CD 4-a       CD 4-b

Radio Spots
          church image and awareness spots:   prayer 1, 2   Sabbath 1, 2, 3   stop smoking 1, 2
         (inspirational television spots)   click here

KidZone TV Spots   click here