Angus T. Jones Testimony


Does the name Angus T. Jones mean anything to you? Unless you're a fan of the TV sitcom Two-and-a-Half Men, you may not recognize the name, but for the past 10 years Angus has been the "half-man" (that is boy) on the hit show alongside Charlie Sheen (now Ashton Kutcher) and John Cryer. So members of one Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Los Angeles area were surprised a few months ago when Angus began attending.

VOP Bible School worker Denise Johnson is a member there, and she and her husband have been helping Angus get to know Jesus better through Bible study and witnessing classes. At Denise's invitation Angus came to the Adventist Media Center and shared his testimony on October 8 (which, coincidentally, was his 19th birthday).
Click here to listen to Angus speak at the Voice of Prophecy worship.

If you've seen the TV show he's a part of, you know that – in Angus' own words – the show doesn't want anything to do with God. But this young man hasn't followed the all-too-familiar downhill route of many Hollywood child stars. Instead he's looking up, and he sees his association with the show as an opportunity to share his faith with people who otherwise might never hear the name of Jesus used except in a negative way.

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