January 2011

January 2011

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January 01/January 02, 2011 -- This Changes Everyone (CD #11S01)   Buy this CD now
Does the Gospel really have the power to change lives? Pastor Fred Kinsey shares a message based on the book of Luke, focusing on the way that Jesus changed people He came in contact with. Willa Sandmeyer brings the first of four reports from El Salvador where Christians are making a big difference in the lives of the illiterate.

Daily: January 03-January 07 Stories from Luke - Part 1 (CD #11D01)   Buy this CD now
We begin the new year with a look at the stories found in the Gospel of Luke. Most people don't realize it, but Luke is the most prolific author of the New Testament. And on top of that, he's one of the best storytellers.

January 03, 2011 -- GOD'S AGENDA
January 04, 2011 -- GOD'S TIMING - PART 1
January 05, 2011 --
January 06, 2011 -- GOD'S GOOD NEWS - PART 1
January 07, 2011 --

January 08/January 09, 2011 -- The Power of Jesus (CD #11S02)   Buy this CD now
Our special guest on this broadcast is Carlton Byrd, the new speaker/director of the Breath of Life television program. Carlton shares his enthusiasm for the Gospel with us, and his excitement at being able to lead souls to Christ. Fred Kinsey shares a message from Luke.

Daily: January 10-January 14 Stories from Luke - Part 2 (CD #11D02)   Buy this CD now
We continue our study of stories found in the Gospel of Luke with stories from Jesus' early ministry. In Nazareth, Nain, and Capernaum, He found disciples, raised the dead, and brought healing to those who came to Him in faith.

January 10, 2011 -- GOD'S ANNOUNCEMENT
January 11, 2011 -- GOD'S CHOSEN
January 12, 2011 -- GOD'S POWER OVER DEATH
January 13, 2011 -- GOD'S HEALING - PART 1
January 14, 2011 -- GOD'S HEALING - PART 2

January 15/January 16, 2011 -- You Can't Get Away That Easy! (CD #11S03)   Buy this CD now
Willa Sandmeyer continues her series of reports from El Salvador, and Carlton Byrd returns for a discussion of how to take the message of Jesus to people in a way that touches them on a deeper level. Pastor Kinsey's message is "You Can't Get Away That Easy!"

Daily: January 17-January 21 Stories from Luke - Part 3 (CD #11D03)  Buy this CD Now
Jesus Himself was a great storyteller--as anyone who has read or heard His parables knows. And Luke, the Gospel writer, knows just how to put these stories together to make a point. We'll consider not only the stories, but the way they are told, to draw the deepest meaning possible from them.

January 17, 2011 -- GOD'S VALUES
January 18, 2011 -- GOD'S PRIORITIES
January 19, 2011 -- GOD'S REJOICING - PART 1
January 20, 2011 -- GOD'S REJOICING - PART 2
January 21, 2011 -- GOD'S REJOICING - PART 3


January 22/January 23, 2011 -- The Privilege of Saying Thanks (CD #11S04)   Buy this CD now
Much of our program today will focus on healing. Vicki Griffin shares a bit of her personal story, along with information on healthful living. Willa Sandmeyer reports on how Christians are bringing healing to El Salvador, and Pastor Kinsey draws lessons from the story of the ten lepers who came to Jesus for healing.

Daily: January 24-January 28 Stories from Luke - Part 4 (CD #11D04)  Buy this CD Now
Toward the end of His ministry Jesus often found Himself surrounded by crowds. One man even had to climb a tree to see Him. But Jesus was always on the lookout for those who needed Him, and He always had time for them.

January 24, 2011 -- GOD'S INCLUSIVITY
January 25, 2011 -- GOD'S POINT OF VIEW
January 26, 2011 -- GOD'S DESIRE
January 27, 2011 -- GOD'S SALVATION FOR ALL
January 28, 2011 -- GOD'S KINGDOM

January 29/January 30, 2011 -- Is It Important? (CD #11S05)   Buy this CD Now
Have you ever found it hard to forgive someone who has deeply wronged you? Can you imagine forgiving someone who took the life of your child? Documentarian Martin Doblmeier will be here to tell just such a story. Pastor Kinsey's message will help you find significance in whatever the Lord leads you to do today.

Daily: January 31-February 04 Stories from Luke - Part 5 (CD #11D05)   Buy this CD Now
The story of Simon Peter, as told in the Gospel of Luke, has special power. Particularly if you're feeling discouraged, or feel that you have betrayed your friends or God, you'll want to listen to this week's stories from Luke.

January 31, 2011 -- GOD'S PROPHECY
February 01, 2011 -- GOD'S COVENANT
February 02, 2011 -- GOD'S PRAYER
February 03, 2011 -- GOD'S SUBMISSION
February 04, 2011 -- GOD'S TRIAL